Can I Get Substance Abuse Treatment for My Daughter in Kosciusko County?

Rural areas such as Kosciusko County often experience high rates of substance abuse and drug-related criminal activity due to the increased level of isolation found in said regions. Kosciusko County was previously known for having limited rehabilitation programs that were adequately equipped to treat substance abuse disorders, but the recent spike in opioid and methamphetamine addiction has resulted in the development of some highly reputable recovery centers. Knowing that your daughter is in need of residential inpatient treatment can be an intimidating thought to come to terms with, but the staff at these centers are trained to exhibit high levels of compassion while implementing effective healing strategies.

These treatment centers are run by experienced addiction counselors, psychologists, nurses, and admission specialists that have the appropriate knowledge in seeing patients through the recovery process. Knowing that your daughter is on a road to wellness with the assistance of such well-trained staff can give you the ease of mind of knowing that they’re in a safe, structured environment.

What Types of Services Will an Inpatient Treatment Center Offer My Daughter?

Once your daughter has decided to enter a residential recovery program, she will first meet with an admissions coordinator to go over details such as personal information, cost, amenities, and accommodations. The next part of the intake process involves going through various assessments such as medical and psychological evaluations. Lastly, before they enter the actual residential unit, they will undergo the appropriate detoxification process that involves round-the-clock monitoring in case medical intervention is necessary. After they have completed the required medical detox, patients start to participate in the everyday programs that were set up in their individualized treatment plan during the intake process.

These programs typically include:

  • individual therapy
  • educational classes
  • group therapy
  • supplemental NA and AA meetings

These programs are used to provide patients in uncovering the core cause of their addiction such as underlying mental health issues and finding healthier alternatives to use as coping mechanisms. Networking with other recovering addicts within the program helps offer patients peer support that has shown to help them abstain from using in the future. It is important to note that once your daughter completes her recovery program, follow-up services will be put into place so that they leave with accessible, reliable resources.

Patients will be referred to outpatient psychologists and psychiatrists to assist in their continuation of care. Reach out to our center today and see how we can help your daughter find a clear path to recovery. Please call us for more information today at 855-807-4673.