Does It Cost Anything to Have a Substance Abuse Assessment?

Drug and alcohol assessments serve to determine if an individual has an issue with addiction. While these assessments may seem unnecessary, they are particularly helpful in allowing an individual or loved one to recognize the tell-tale signs of substance abuse.

A professional assessment for a substance abuse evaluation will include standardized and nonstandardized questions. A bit more than a simple questionnaire, these evaluations are performed by professionals that work to assess an individual based on a variety of information. As this process requires professional services, these types of evaluations aren’t free.

How Much Does a Drug and Alcohol Assessment Cost?

Free assessments can be procured online, however, this option will be little more than a series of questions. The price for a professional evaluation will vary depending on the quality of the evaluation. For example, an assessment at a local clinic may be $100 while an evaluation from a licensed psychologist can cost $500.

Individuals looking for a fair assessment should look for a moderately priced option. While the lower-priced solutions may seem tempting or the higher-priced assessments may seem as though they are better quality, this isn’t always the case. With these assessments and your future sobriety, you get what you pay for. Do your research and choose a quality evaluator for your drug and alcohol assessment.

While each assessment will vary, the following questions are typically standard in an evaluation:

  • Limiting or ending substance use: Have you felt you should cut down or stop your substance use?
  • Annoyance with being criticized: Have you become aggravated or annoyed at anyone that has criticized your use of substances?
  • Guilty feelings: Have you felt guilt regarding your substance use?
  • Frequency of use: Have you ever needed to use these substances as soon as you wake up?

In addition to this assessment, a full evaluation usually includes a physical examination. This examination is performed to determine if there are any apparent signs of addiction, which may include a blood or urine test. At this time, a doctor may also discover co-occurring medical issues that will be taken into consideration in the event that the individual is diagnosed with addiction and must be treated.

Recognizing addiction in yourself is not easy. Turning to a professional for evaluation is a brave step in pursuing a healthier life. Learn more about substance abuse and substance use evaluations by contacting us today at 855-807-4673.