Finding Help For Substance Abuse When You Don’t Have Money

Overcoming a substance abuse problem can be a challenging endeavor. Accomplishing this task might be all the more difficult if you do not possess health insurance or significant financial resources. This brief blog offers tips on how you might be able to obtain the help you need without these resources.

Explore Financing Options

Certain addiction treatment facilities and financial institutions may work with you to create a suitable financing plan. In such instances, the treatment costs will be covered and the treatment center or financial institution orchestrates a payment plan that affords you to remit the balance owed at a gradual pace.

Apply For A Grant Or Scholarship

Certain government agencies such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and individual treatment centers might offer grants and scholarships to help individuals without other means finance stints in substance abuse rehabilitation. To be awarded this type of financial reward, you will be required to fill out an application and may need to meet specific acceptance guidelines.

Pay On A Sliding Scale

Certain addiction rehabilitation centers might enable you to finance treatment costs by enabling you to pay on a sliding scale. This means that the institution in question would tailor associated costs based upon your current financial standing and, as well as create a remittance plan in accordance with what you will be able to pay back.


Given the necessity of the treatment, certain financial institutions might be willing to offer you loans to cover rehabilitation. That said, the amount of money said institution might lend you could be subjected to provisions such as your credit score, potential future employment status and current financial circumstances.

Find A State-Funded Rehabilitation Facility

These facilities are operated at the state level and receive government subsidies for the purpose of providing low-cost drug treatment to uninsured or financially limited individuals.


It is difficult to estimate the average costs of drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Expenses are often dictated by several factors including the type of facility at which the services are being provided, the severity of the patient’s addiction and how aggressive a form of treatment does said individual require.

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