Free Ways to Seek Help with Substance Abuse

Drug abuse can affect anyone regardless of age, economic or educational status, race, nationality, gender or any other factor. If someone you care about is or may be addicted to drugs, the first step in getting help is displaying a nonjudgmental attitude. Drug treatment can be expensive, but there may be some free ways to seek needed help in dealing with addiction and drug abuse. Understand that drug use alters the brain and changes the way it normally functions in these ways:

  • Drugs change the chemical signals in your brain that affect your ability to make choices
  • The drug takes over the part of your brain that feels pleasure; only the drug can make you feel pleasure
  • Over time, it takes more of the drug to fill your perceived need

Approaching your Friend/Loved One about Getting Help with Addiction

The ability to think, reason and make wise decisions may be jeopardized. Approaching someone you think may be addicted to drugs can be difficult, but your concern could be the factor that helps them take the first step. Ask the person involved if he/she would be willing to see a doctor for an evaluation and explore the possibility of treatment. You might want to make some calls to doctors ahead of time to find some who are comfortable counseling people with drug addiction.

An online search of doctors in your area might help you find one of 3,500 US Board-Certified doctors whose specialty is drug addiction. Be sure to advise the person needing help that HIPPA privacy rules will protect his/her identity and what they share with the medical professional will remain confidential. If the person needing treatment is concerned about losing their employment if they enter drug treatment, you can point out these facts about what information is protected:

  • Information placed in your medical record by doctors, nurses and other care providers
  • Conversations between your doctor and nurses or others in the medical office
  • Personal information in the providers computer system
  • Your billing information at your clinic

When someone with a substance abuse addiction decides to look for a treatment center, remind him/her to ask the person they talk at the center about:

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