Getting Help With Meth Addiction in Kosciusko County

The use of meth continuous to increase with no signs of slowing. Grab your local paper or watch your local news and you will hear just how bad meth use has become. It’s an epidemic that requires a combination of proper treatment and compassion. Unfortunately, most meth addicts receive neither and succumb to the disease known as drug addiction. This is one of the biggest fears of parents dealing with meth-addicted children. There is hope, and with the support of their parents, the addict can live a productive and healthy life without the use of meth.


Signs of Meth Use

It can be difficult determining drug use since addicts known how to hide their addiction fairly well. There are, however, tall tell signs of meth use that even the most experienced addict cannot keep secret. These signs include:

  • Withdrawn from daily life.
  • Doesn’t take part in activities that they once loved.
  • Increased and/or unexplained energy.
  • Money problems which may lead to stealing and theft.
  • Sleeplessness no matter how much sleep they seem to get.
  • Gum and tooth issues begin to develop. Known as meth mouth, this issue can be quickly identified by a dentist.
  • Unexplained scars and scabs appear on various parts of their body, such as face and arms. The addict will also pick at the scabs.
  • Rapid weight loss.


Getting the Right Help for your Meth Addicted Child

There are a slew of resources out there for parents trying to get their child the right help for their meth addiction. However, no matter what treatment you decide, make sure it is done by a professional who has experience in meth addiction.


Fight Meth Addiction Together

One of the most common issues that meth addicts face is not having the support of their family. This’s not to say that you as parents should tolerate meth use, because you shouldn’t. But you should also not turn your back on your child, especially when they have one of the hardest battles they may ever face; getting off meth. Instead, you should fight addiction together as a family. Be part of your child’s treatment and recovery, but remember to keep a realistic view of the process. Don’t expect your child’s treatment to go smoothly and quickly. It may take several tries, and they may have multiple setbacks, before they start to gain control over the addiction. But with your help, they can successfully get, and stay, clean.