How A Recovery Coach Can Help Support Your Recovery The First Year

The process of recovering from addiction takes more time and energy than most people realize. With the massive drug crisis in the United States, millions of people are trying to recover from various drug addictions.

The typical way to get addiction treatment only works for certain people. For the vast majority of addicts, more steps are necessary to succeed. Going to a group meeting and talking about addiction rarely works.

Instead, a mental change needs to take place to have a lasting impact. Working with a recovery coach can help addicts in multiple ways.

Offering Hope and Support

One of the biggest reasons to work with a recovery coach is the hope and support offered. Many recovering addicts struggled with drug addiction for years before seeking treatment. During that time, many people lose relationships or their careers.

Young Addicts

The drug crisis is affecting millions of children between the ages of 18 and 30. Numerous parents utilize a recovery coach to help their children recover from substance abuse and addiction. Parents should not blame themselves for their child’s drug addiction. The vast majority of parents experience some guilt when their children go through this process. However, working with a coach is one of the best ways to help young people get through this challenging time in their lives.

Life Advice

Beating a drug addiction is more than overcoming an addiction. Many addicts do not have a strong education, and few have a substantial work history. If a person goes to rehab and then leaves with nothing to look forward to, the recidivism rate will be extremely high. A recovery coach should outline a plan for people to build a life after addiction. It may take several years of hard work for a person to rebuild their environment. However, the results are worth the struggle.

Moving Forward

An addict is never fully recovered from an addiction. Former addicts must always think about situations they are putting themselves in. If a person struggled with alcohol addiction, going to a bar is never a good idea. A recovery coach can also help people establish boundaries for their lives in the future. Proper limits will drastically reduce the odds of a person becoming addicted to a harmful substance again.