If Your Adult Son Has a Drug Problem, How Does An Intervention Work?

Watching your child struggle with addiction is one of the most painful things you can go through as a parent. If your adult son currently has a drug problem, it can be as devastating as it is infuriating to watch substance abuse tear his life apart.

Drug addiction effects everyone; families are put under tremendous stress, parents are heartbroken and children with addiction struggle with the conflict and isolation that substance abuse brings.

You know something has to change. An intervention is one way to reach out to your son and help him get his life back on track. Here’s how it works.

When to Stage an Intervention

Your son may not be at the point of addiction where he’s lost his job or is living on the streets. The image of a drug user is often depicted at its most extreme on TV and in movies. In reality, people struggle in secret for years while maintaining a “normal” life to the rest of the world.

However, if you’re close to someone, there are some telltale signs they may be struggling with substance abuse. Here are a few key indicators your son has a problem:

  • Sudden health issues.
  • Secretive behavior and unexplained disappearances.
  • Changes in physical appearance such as weight loss, teeth and nail discoloration, bags under eyes and skin problems.
  • Work problems.
  • Avoiding social activities.
  • Borrowing money or selling possessions.
  • Uncharacteristic aggressive behavior.

An intervention specialists can help you address your son’s drug problem in a direct, non-confrontational way. The goal is to help him get on a path toward sobriety and promote positive personal development. It’s easy to get carried away and resort to emotional appeals and fighting when you try to tackle the situation on your own; after all, you’re only human.

We are skilled in intervention strategies and communication techniques. Together, we can help your son understand the effects of his substance abuse and encourage him to seek treatment.

Contact to us today and we’ll discuss the different intervention options available to you and schedule a time to meet. Help is closer than you think, and there’s nothing wrong with reaching out when you know a situation is beyond your hands. Call us anytime at 855-807-4673 to learn more about how our intervention experts can help your son.