Is a Recovery Coach in Kosciusko County the Right Answer for Addiction Treatment?

When you are looking to undergo treatment for addiction you will find yourself in need of a large amount of support. From the moment you decide to get clean and sober, you will look to rehab specialists before heading out into the real world to continue recovery. It is when you are returning to everyday life that you will find yourself craving a return to your addiction. However, a recovery coach in Kosciusko County is seen as a positive as they can provide a different kind of support to a traditional sponsor. 

A recovery coach differs from a sponsor in many ways, including: 

  • Specializing in identifying signs of relapse
  • Focuses on helping you live a better life
  • Encourage positive actions to aid recovery

The arrival of a recovery coach in your life is one which can have a positive impact as you will be given the assistance of an individual focused on the therapy model of recovery. Among the aspects of life, the individual recovery coach looks to provide support and guidance for is the integration back into society following your successful stint in rehab. A recovery coach will help you understand the many different options you have open to you in the development of your character and place in society. Among the decisions being taken by you with the aid of your recovery coach will be those regarding employment, education, and the basic aspects of life including housing. 

The decision about whether to employ a recovery coach is entirely your choice with the choice an important one to consider to keep your recovery on track. Among the decisions to take when deciding on a recovery coach is whether the individual has a personality you can work with as you look to complete your recovery. Like every aspect of your recovery, the first steps at every part of the process is important to keep you moving forward in the correct way. PLanning your recovery after you have been through the rehab process is a choice which could lead to success or relapse if the wrong choice is made. 

Those who work with a recovery coach have been proven scientifically to have a lower chance of relapse than those who do not work with a coach. When you are ready to continue your recovery give us a call at 855-807-4673.