Is Regular Drug Testing Necessary for Employers?

In many industries, drug testing is an increasingly common part of the hiring process. Before new recruits are brought onto a team, these individuals must be medically verified as being substance-free. As more states legalize the recreational use of marijuana, this fact has made it hard for a number of people to further their careers by seeking higher-paying positions with bigger and better corporations. Whether you use cannabis for pain relief or indulge in any other legal or illicit substances, what you do in your private time can have a very detrimental impact on your livelihood and life.

For companies, there are countless benefits in performing both pre-hire drug tests and random drug screening. This is especially true in industries in which employees will be driving company vehicles, transporting passengers, or operating heavy equipment. Verifying the health and overall clarity of mind for each employee is a sure way to avoid many compliance-related and costly, liability issues. It can also result in a significant decline in absenteeism while simultaneously promoting considerable increases in productivity and overall work quality.

Employee Drug Testing Is A Legal Requirement In Many Industries 

In many instances, drug testing is something that employees do to protect their own interests. Before paying the high costs of training new team members, diligent business owners do all that they can to ensure that these professionals are actually fit to handle the responsibilities that they’re being hired to manage. As such, drug testing can be performed in conjunction with criminal background checks, credit checks, and other investigations to learn more about the private habits and lives of candidates. Not surprisingly, some of the best and highest-paying jobs entail the greatest amount of pre-hire screening.

There are also times when drug testing is legally required. For instance, municipal bus companies are required by law to drug test new applicants, and to perform random drug testing for all employees responsible for the transport of passengers. In the industrial sector, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires drug testing for those working around caustic and otherwise harmful chemicals, and for those operating heavy machinery and equipment. In the matter of drug testing, however, there are certain legal protections that exist for employees and prospective employees. For instance, companies must:

  • Test all prospective hires for the same position in the same way
  • Use a state-certified laboratory to perform testing
  • Notify applicants that testing is a mandatory part of the hiring process
  • Offer employment on the contingency of passing a drug screening

Many functional drug users are able to continue managing their day-to-day responsibilities for quite some time, and without anyone around them being any the wiser. Sadly, however, this level of deception and self-deception does not make their activities any safer. When cognitively and otherwise impaired, workers have the potential to cause serious harm to themselves, and to the people around them. 

Failing to pass a mandatory drug test can result in job loss. Fear of having to undergo pre-hire drug screening can stagnate a person’s career growth. If drug use is preventing you from pursuing your professional dreams, or if it’s putting you in danger of losing your livelihood, we can help. Call us right now at 855-807-4673.