Signs That You Need Alcohol Treatment

Completing an alcohol treatment program is challenging. But for many people, it’s not the most difficult part of the recovery process. Often, the hardest part of recovering from addiction is simply admitting that you need help in the first place. Complicating the issue is the fact that alcoholism can be hard to recognize. Alcohol use is normalized and even sometimes celebrated in the United States, which means it’s possible to have a problem with alcohol and not even know it. If you’re wondering whether you need help, you probably do. Here are some more red flags that indicate it’s time to start looking for a treatment program.

Signs That Your Alcohol Consumption Is a Problem

There are many indicators that you may be developing an addiction to alcohol, and this isn’t an exhaustive list. But if even one of these signs describes you, be aware that the problem will probably only get worse over time, not better.

You regularly drink alone or hide your drinking from loved ones.

Drinking is commonly regarded as a social activity. For some people, it’s okay to have a beer at a celebration or a big sports game with friends. But if you’ve started drinking by yourself, or if you’ve become secretive about your drinking, you may be developing an addiction to alcohol.

Your loved ones are worried about how much you drink.

Your family and friends may have more perspective on your drinking than you do. If someone close to you has told you that they’re concerned about your drinking habits, it’s wise to listen to them.

You’re not keeping up with your responsibilities.

Do you prioritize getting your next drink over finishing that report for work or doing your assignments for school? For many alcoholics, the first sign that the problem is getting out of hand is a decline in grades or work performance.

You drink to deal with negative feelings.

Alcohol is not medicine, but many people treat it like it is. If you find yourself reaching for a glass of wine when you’re stressed, sad, or lonely, it’s time to learn some more effective coping mechanisms that won’t leave you feeling worse than before.

The Takeaway

If you think your alcohol use might be a problem (or might become a problem soon), act quickly. Addictions are progressive, and the easiest time to stop drinking is now. If you’re ready to make a change, get in touch today to learn about your options for recovery from alcohol addiction. Call today at 855-807-4673.