Support for Families With a Loved One Who Is An Addict

Nobody knows the destruction and confusion an addict experiences while they are using more than the people closest to them. While the addict, both in their addiction and even when they are in early recovery, find it hard to believe that they were hurting those around them.

They looked at the loss of jobs, draining of their finances, losing relationships and deteriorating health as all part of their lives, and they thought they were the ones suffering all the consequences. That is part of the disease of addiction.

Family and Friends are Key to an Addict’s Recovery; You Know Where They’ve Been.

As a family member, spouse, close friend or neighbor, you are aware first hand that they only see their addiction from their perspective, and there is much more involved.

The list is long, but you were the ones who

  • were lied to
  • had precious items and money stolen from your home
  • took care of them when they were hungover and sick
  • and you were the ones who lost sleep wondering if they were ever coming home.

Most nights, a call from the police saying they had been arrested would’ve eased your mind. At least, you would’ve known they were still alive. Sometimes, it was better not to even know.

Friends and family experience the hurtful side of addiction. The uncontrollable use of drugs and alcohol took your loved one places you never wanted to see them go, but they had to hit their “bottom” before they would listen and accept help.

The things you suffered are painful and real, but you aren’t alone anymore. As a loved one of an addict, whether rich or poor, young or old, they have been like a tornado going through the lives of others, but you are the person that can be most effective in leading them to recovery while also finding a safe place for you to share your experiences. Call 855-807-4673 now, and a skilled counselor will answer who knows what you’ve been going through. We want to offer the addict and everyone involved a sollution to finding a better life.

Addiction left the addict with broken personalities and empty pocketbooks while it left you powerless with nowhere to turn. Families were ripped apart, and the addict was no longer welcome because of their behaviors. You knew they were out of control and needed professional help. Now let a caring rehab lead them into a new life.