Support for Families With a Loved One Who is An Alcoholic

Substance abuse and alcoholism impacts many families. Many people who struggle with alcoholism do not enjoy the experience, as they undergo high highs but increasingly lower lows.

The impact of this rollercoaster on families of those struggling with addiction is significant. When you notice a loved one may be struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, it is important to take proactive steps to get them help. Alcoholism is a disease and, in spite of the fact that it can be overwhelming, effective treatment options are available.

Stay hopeful

It is incredibly difficult for any family to navigate addiction, but maintaining a hopeful attitude toward your loved one’s recovery is important. It lays the groundwork for your loved one to maintain a goal for themselves and others, and it can help you remain supportive through hard times.

Maintain boundaries

One of the most difficult things to do while watching a loved one suffer through addiction is maintain healthy boundaries for you and your family. It is natural to want to care for your loved one, or nurture them into recovery. But you can’t love someone into healing themselves from their struggle with alcoholism. It is easy to become codependent with your loved one, or enable them to continue their substance abuse, but these are not usually effective treatment strategies for alcoholism. The best thing you can do is voice healthy boundaries, and enforce them with accountability, so that your loved one can continue on the path to treatment and recovery.

Staging an intervention

Sometimes, you may need to have a difficult conversation with your loved one where you ask them to reflect honestly about the effects their alcoholism has had on your family. This can be difficult for all parties involved, but entering the intervention with information on alcoholism and treatment options will help make clear to your loved one that you support them in their recovery. During treatment, supporting your loved one’s sobriety can help build a stronger support network that will make relapse less likely. You can help to create positive outcomes for your loved one by making choices that support their treatment process.

It is possible to make a difference in the lives of your loved ones. Addiction is a disease that poses incredible challenges for all involved. But you are not alone. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call us at 855-807-4673