What Are Some Questions You’ll Probably Be Asked on a Substance Abuse Assessment?

Checking into a rehab facility is the first big step towards a new and improved way of living. There is no one way to recover from addiction. When getting treated for substance abuse, your counselors will devise a unique plan that will get you the results you need.

To properly assist you along your individual journey, your facility may ask that you complete a face-to-face evaluation in which you are expected to answer a series of questions. This session will help the rehabilitation center determine the nature of your addiction and decide which steps need to be taken to get you on the path to sobriety. Here is what to expect to be asked during a substance abuse assessment.

Because you will be temporarily living in a facility, you will be questioned about your current and past medical history. This will help coordinators maintain the conditions of your health and alert them of any concerns.

  • Are you currently taking any medications?
  • What is your medical history?
  • Have you suffered from any type of mental illness?

You may need to undergo a detox treatment, so you will be asked to discuss the details of your usage. The nature and frequency of your substance use may predict whether or not you will experience harsh withdrawal symptoms.

  • What types of substances do you use?
  • How often do you use them?
  • When did you start using substances?

Your accessor will also ask questions to gauge your character. These will be centered around your behavioral habits and lifestyle choices as well as how substances became a part of your life.

  • What is your home life like?
  • Do you go to school or work a job?
  • Do you have healthy relationships with your friends and family?
  • How well do you maintain your finances?
  • What or who influenced you to seek help?
  • Has your addiction resulted in any kind of loss?
  • Have you tried to stop using before? If so, why were you unsuccessful?

Substance abuse assessments are carried out by trained professionals, and questions may vary from facility to facility. It is important to answer these questions accurately so that you can receive the best treatment possible. You are closer to recovery than you may think. Call us today at 855-807-4673 to take the next step!