What Are the Benefits of Recovery Coaching in Indiana?

Although a recovery coach is not a therapist, they are equipped with a number of skills similar to those you would undertake if you were being treated under the care of a therapist. A recovery coach is a person you will turn to when you have completed the initial rehabilitation and wish to return to everyday life and the problems posed to recovery. Although the recovery coach is not a sponsor, they do often work alongside a sponsor as a team trying to limit the chances of relapse occurring in the future. 

The main responsibilities of a recovery coach include: 

  • Looking for signs of relapse
  • Increasing the chances of success in rehabilitation
  • Understanding the cravings associated with recovery
  • Become a sounding board for the problems of returning to everyday life

When one is returning to life after spending time in a residential rehab facility, you will find yourself returning to everyday life and the triggers for your previous behavior. Walking out of a rehab facility without the support from a recovery coach or sponsor will often reduce the chances of success for the individual in the future. A recovery coach has the ability to deliver a higher chance of success by working closely with you as you try to retain your sobriety. 

Meeting regularly with your recovery coach is a key part of recovery as your coach has been trained to look for the common signs of relapse seen in the majority of addicts. One of the most important ways a recovery coach in Indiana can impact your recovery is having an understanding of the cravings the majority of addicts go through as they make their way through a sober life following rehab. 

Studies have been undertaken into the chances of success for people like yourself who are looking to rehabilitate themselves to live a sober life. Those who choose to continue their recovery with a coach for more than two years have a lower rate of relapse, which shows how important these professionals in recovery have become to their clients. 

It is important for you to undertake your recovery in a way that suits your life and lifestyle. There is no one size fits all form of treatment but when you are ready to get started call our counselors at 855-807-4673.