Where Can I Find AA Meetings in Warsaw Indiana?

The journey in recovery is one that should be enjoyable. One of the exciting things that alcoholics can enjoy is AA meetings. Most long-time members boast of rarely going to a town and not being able to find a welcoming group of fellow AA members. That holds true for Warsaw, Indiana. Here’s where you can find meetings in Warsaw, Indiana.

What Types of AA Meetings in Warsaw, Indiana?

Like nearly every AA community, Warsaw, Indiana offers you a little meeting variety. The majority of meetings around the area are an open discussion. These are meetings that anyone can attend. There is one speaker meeting and a pair of literature meetings as well.

How Do You Find an AA Meeting?

Here are some tools to help you locate the available meetings in Warsaw, Indiana. In addition, there is a national hotline to find an AA meeting anywhere in the world.

Indiana District 41 and 43 Website

You can search AA for Warsaw, Indiana, and you will discover a number of AA meeting lists. A good place to begin is on the District 41 and 43 webpage. There is a general list of available meetings, plus a PDF formatted list of all meetings that you can print out.

The 24-Hour Club Lakeview Shopping Center

Be mindful that on rare occasions a listing for an AA club may not turn out to be a viable source of good information. However, in Warsaw, Indiana, there is such a club. It is located in the Lakeview Shopping Center. There may not be a meeting going on, but there will be a list of AA meetings in the area posted, plus other AA related activities.

The Where and When

Once you get to your first AA meeting, you will open doors to connections within the AA fellowship. You’ll be able to get a copy of a printed schedule of AA meetings in Warsaw, Indiana called the Where and When. The advice and experience of other AA members will prove indispensable as well.

The AA National Hotline

AA’s national office in New York has a complete list of all registered AA meetings. This list includes meetings in every state, province, and country across the world. There are literally thousands of AA and Al-Anon meetings.

Each of these choices will help you get to that first AA meeting. Once you get one AA meeting location in Warsaw, Indiana under your belt, it will open the door to a number of meetings in the area.

Long-time AA members tell of wonderful times, making trips to other AA meetings outside their immediate area. Once you get yourself connected to the AA community in Warsaw, Indiana, you’ll find these types of rewarding opportunities. Call us today at 855-807-4673.