Where Can I Get a Substance Abuse Assessment?

A substance abuse assessment is a way to identify early warning signs of addiction. The American Society of Addiction Medicine claims that detecting early warning signs for drug and/or alcohol abuse can “change negative drinking or drug use habits.” A substance abuse assessment could provide the eye-opening experience or ample confirmation to alter the course of potential drug abuse.

Who Provides Substance Abuse Assessments?

Substance abuse assessments may be administered by physicians, clinicians, and addiction specialists. A substance abuse assessment may also be self-administered in the form of a questionnaire or given as part of an interview process with a family member or parent. Substance abuse assessments may be completed at home, online, or at a drug treatment facility.

What Kinds of Questions are Asked?

Frequency and duration of use of particular substances are typically queried in substance abuse assessments. Clinicians will typically ask about the frequency with which a particular interviewee takes a particular substance – daily, monthly, or yearly. If any signs of abuse are present, the clinician will ask how long a particular substance has been abused. If the clinician sees that the interviewee takes a substance daily, then the clinician may determine that there’s a high risk of substance abuse.

Skilled clinicians in an inpatient setting may feel competent enough in the diagnosis and treatment of addiction to incorporate personal and family histories of substance abuse in the substance abuse assessment. Asking about past and current mental health challenges may also be part of a substance abuse assessment. Because age and medical history may impact one’s chances of becoming addicted to a particular substance, those may also be queried in the assessment.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse gives the following examples of questions to expect when you take a substance abuse assessment:

-Do you feel remorse about your substance abuse?
-Have you ever abused multiple substances at the same time?
-Have you used substances other than prescribed medications in the last year?
-Have you done anything illegal to get a particular substance?
-Have you suffered memory loss due to substance use?

Are Substance Abuse Assessments Personalized?

A substance abuse assessment is typically personalized to suit the age of the interviewee. Adolescent assessments, for instance, are designed to be administered by clinicians or parents, and adolescent substance abuse assessments typically have teen-centric questions and terminology. The goal is the same – assessing the risk of substance abuse. Call a counselor today at 855-807-4673.