Where Can You Turn for Drug Treatment in Kosciusko County?

It’s hard to be logical when you or a loved one needs treatment for drug or alcohol abuse issues. You may want help now. But if you take the time and look around, you’ll notice that all rehab centers aren’t equal in the services they offer. Where can you turn for drug treatment in Kosciusko County? Many choices exist. Here are characteristics to look for in an excellent rehab to treat your drug addicted family member.

Excellent substance abuse centers use a variety of options when treating their clients. These options stay the same, even though the setting may change. Here are some pointers on finding an excellent addiction treatment center in the Kosciusko County area.

What to Look for in a Great Drug Rehab Center

A well-functioning rehab center has several key characteristics. The primary features of a superior drug rehab center include:

• Detox facilities.
• Inpatient care.
• Individual counseling.
• Group counseling.
• Aftercare.
• State accreditation and certification.

Detox and Inpatient Rehab Care

People attending drug rehab need to go through detox to get their body and minds straight before they can work on their recovery. Detox takes place in the hospital or in-house on the campus of your rehab of choice. Medical assistance should be available to help you or your beloved get off drugs safely. Drug detox takes from a week to two weeks in most cases. Next, the addict will attend inpatient counseling that includes individual counseling and group counseling. Individual counseling allows the recovering addict to work directly on their issues — group counseling, which often includes 12-Step groups like AA, bonds people together with similar problems. In group counseling, the person in recovery learns coping skills and working through their issues with the aid of a group of individuals who have had success in the program.

Sober Living and Aftercare

Another crucial feature of an appropriate drug rehab program is that they have a sober living program and provide aftercare to their clients. Sober living gives you or your beloved a chance to get back to work or into the community while still living in a sober environment. Aftercare provides your adult child with the opportunity to keep their sobriety strong while they return to a new, drug-free life in the outside world.

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